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Vipul Bhagat

Chief Executive Officer

With over 30 years of working in the footwear industry, Vipul stays curious and at the cutting edge. His passion is to use the platform of Dlords to ever create value for our customers as well as the wider society.

Francis Pareira

Chief Operations Officer

Francis makes Dlords more dependable and more efficient everyday he walks into the office. We are very fortunate that a man of many capabilities has chosen us to showcase and hone them.

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Sachin Lokhandwala

Chief Financial Officer 

We were able to interest Sachin to switch careers from a Japanese conglomerate. The transition as well as results in the time he has been with us speaks for itself. He has been instrumental in shaping our resources to work better for our clients and suppliers.


Huda Siddiqui

Head Merchandiser - Ladies Footwear

Huda is the footwear businesses' answer to the swiss army knife. Starting out with Dlords straight from college she has had proven results in every sector she has worked on. She can design, she can brand, she can manufacture and just about anything to get the job done.

Prita Shetty

Head Merchandiser - Mens Footwear

Prita has had a significant amount of experience with manufacturing units before she joined Dlords. This makes  uniquely suited in per position to always stay ahead of anticipated issues.

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Tanushree Gorai

Senior Designer 

Tanushree joined us straight from college and worked directly with the CEO. With his guidance and her aptitude she has greatly developed herself as capable and business savvy designer.

Vaibhav Singh

Business Operations Manager

Vaibhav role is to be our key liaison between the the sampling and manufacturing team. He forms the back bone of our operations. As with many of our key members he began is career with us and since then, has progressed consistently.

Raj Bhagat

Business Development Manager

Formally trained in finance, with experiences from retail store floor in London to quality assurance in Spain, Raj is our man to help us go places. 


Dilawar Singh

Quality Assurance Manager

Dilawar spent the first half his career at Impactiva. He has since come into our team and helped us design, emulate an implement industry best practices for Quality Assurance Management