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Explore our business model for Sourcing Channel Production

 Business models that is designed for 

Established Brands looking for a sourcing partner in India

Emerging Brands wishing to develop their supply chain on a season to season basis.

How it works 

This model is solely aimed at larger projects where in there is a larger focus on supply chain management. It is also pertinent for clients who do not need design assistance and have their own sampling/patterning in house. In this model we would act as your sourcing office in the country. 

  • You as a brand or aggregator discover Dlords through a trade show, online or by way of a recommendation.

  • At this stage we will look at your requirements and send you our proposal.

  • After an agreement is reached we would engage in counter samples - so the clients gets an idea of the pricing and quality levels that can be achieved. 

  • Upon reaching a satisfactory agreement over the samples, we would look at your production goals and current season sampling. 

  • Based on the production planning we will research the sourcing possibilities and create a viable and risk free production plan for the season.

  • From this point the clients could visit the facilities in order to give the final approval on our plan. We would execute the production cycle as per the clients guidelines.

  • This would include end to end compliance to sampling guidelines, quality standards, logistical aggregation and shipment planning/clearance.

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