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Explore our business model for Private Label Production 

This is our more popular business models that is designed for  

Emerging or start-up brands

Clients who act as wholesalers in their markets.

Clients who offer 4PL services to their clients.

Established brands that would like to test our capabilities before moving to a sourcing agreement.

How it works 

This is basically not indifferent from buying from your current supplier - you see our range, pick what you like and get quoted on that. Except our range will be curated accurately for the trend, and the supply chain optimized to give your better lead time, quality, minimum order and price flexibility. 

  • You as a brand or aggregator discover Dlords through a trade show, online or by way of a recommendation.

  • Each season for each region we have a curated private label range prepared. We would offer you to make your selections from that collection along with any corrections that you would want. 

  • We would send you the samples as per your specifications - our samples are always free of cost*

  • We'd send you a quote based on the final samples. 

  • This is where our services really begin and you get our own team in India to handle your production.

  • You have the option of 

    • Dictating the level of updates you'd want from the production floor.​

    • Logistical consolidation between suppliers within or outside Dlords' supply chain.

    • Creating your own quality management manual that can be made as a standard and the option of updating it as we go along.

    • Getting Market Intelligence on next seasons trends.

    • Working with our design team to create your own molds to accelerate your product development and branding.

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